Accent Linens & Embroidery, a direct importer of fine handmade linens from the Orient.   Embroidery linens do not need to be old-fashioned and outdated.   Accent Linens captures the antique allure of old-fashioned linens, yet contemporary enough to be used throughout the home: on the tables, in the bedrooms, on the sofas, in the boudoirs, on the dressers, in the baths, as well as any place else you desire a bit of charm.

Accent Linens & Embroidery has over 500 collections of hand embroidered vintage linens. These beautiful embroidery designs are stitched in cotton or linen thread, lending a true heirloom look. Each stunning piece of linenis handmade using drawn work, cutwork and embroidery. The finest, most beautiful hand embroidery you will ever find, made by the women in China. The embroidery consists of a very fine satin-stitch embroidery and delicate seed stitches that are so tiny and exquisite, it's hard to imagine it was done by hand. This neutral, hand-stitched vintage linen has white-on-white embroidery to bring out the depth and richness of the exquisite pattern of leaves, flowers and vines. Dress up your space and add texture to your room at a minimal cost. Our products will also make great gift for every special occasion. 

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