Per Individual Package"s Instruction 


For "100% cotton", "100% linen" and "cotton & linen blend" products:

  • Treat stains as soon as possible after occurrence
  • Wash in cold water on "Gentle Cycle " No Bleach!
  • Line dry or in Dryer on "Air Only" or "Air Fluff " No Heat!
  • Iron on Reverse Side

For "Crochet" and "Battenberg" lace products:

  • treat stains as soon as possible after occurrence
  • wash in cold water on "Gentle Cycle" No Bleach!
  • Flat dry or in Dryer on "Air Only" or "Air Fluff " No Heat!
  • Iron on Reverse Side


Measure your table, always allow at least a 6 inches drop from both sides of the table. Preferably a 6 -10 inches drop. For example: if the table is 6 ft long( 72"), a cloth measures at least 84" in length would be preferred. In this case, you would choose a 72" x 90" cloth. 

Following is a chart for some common tablecloth's sizes, and # of seatings for the table: 


Approximate Size

# of seatings

36" x 36"

32" x 32"

2 -  4

45" x 45"

41" x 41"

54" x 54" 50" x 50" 4 - 6
54" x 72" 50" x 68" 4 - 6
72" x 72" 68" x 68" 4 - 6
72" x 90" 68" x 86" 6 - 8
72" x 108" 68" x 104" 8 -10
72" x 126" 68" x 122" 10 -12
72" x 144" 68" x 138" 12 -14
72" x 162" 68" x 158" 14 - 16
72" x 180" 68" x 174" 16 - 18
90" x 90" 86" x 86" 10 -12



Tablecloth brings ambience and completeness to your dinning experience. It compliments the China, the Silverware, the Crystal, the Candles and Flowers, etc. Whether formal or casual, it adds special touches to occasion that you would like to remember and celebrate. 

Placemat Sets / Runners are preferred at the dinner table for different reasons: to show off the beauty of the wood, easier to wash & iron, no tablecloth hanging on our laps, they look great on a contrasting tablecloth or to help keep our tablecloths clean. 

Runner is also often used to draw your attention to your elegant dinning table. It dresses up and sets the stage for your table. It is also used to protect your furniture. It is versatile and can be used anywhere you see fitted: on the dresser, on the piano, on the mantle, on the table, etc.etc.etc.


Roll cover or Bun Warmer is used to line your bread basket and really do keep your buns (dinner rolls) or toast warmer for longer. The perfect hostess gift, they are a great conversation piece for those who have never seen one.


A baby, newborn to 12 months, should be placed on its back to sleep. Use a firm, tight-fitting mattress in a crib that meets current safety standards. Only a mattress pad and/or waterproof pad and fitted crib sheet should be used between the sleeping baby and the crib mattress. Consider using a sleeper suit as an alternative to a blanket. If you do use a blanket, place baby with feet at the foot of the crib and tuck a thin blanket around the crib mattress so that it reaches only as far as the baby's chest. Make sure it rests on top of, and not underneath, the baby, and that baby's head remains uncovered. Pillows, plush animals and quilts are to be considered decorative only and should always be removed from the crib during sleep time and naptime. Bumper pads are used for protecting the baby from bumping against the side of the bed. Caution should be taken when using bumper pads while baby is sleeping, as baby may get trapped under the bumper pads. It is advised that bumper pads should also be removed from the crib during sleep time and naptime.


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